ALTA is now THE approved test in Bulgarian for the Global Seal of Biliteracy.

Are you a student who have ALTA test scores that are less THAN a year old?

If yes, you could receive the GLOBAL SEAL OF BILITERACY AWARD now!


You simply have to request the seal by using the form below. After verification of qualifying scores, you will receive the certificates and seals for free. Optional Medals are available for purchase through the Seal of Biliteracy authorities. It takes about one week once we have received your form & scores.

Student Name *
Student Name
Please use our Home page to locate a Bulgarian school closest to you. Write N/A if you could not find one in the detail field below:
1+ on each is Functional Fluency, 2 is Working Fluency.
1+ on each is Functional Fluency, 2 is Working Fluency.
Send to: office@

How COULD the Bulgarian community-based schools Implement the Global Seal in their locations for their students?

Register with ABSA your students for ALTA testing date. Students will test at their local Bulgarian community-based school. Please note that thus far, elementary students meet the level in some skills, but cognitively usually are lower in writing. Adults can also apply.

If you are one of our partnering school and would like to request ALTA tests for your students, please use the form below. Test materials will be send via confidential email to the principal along with the proctoring instructions. Use the form below to request description of both tests, as well.

Your Name *
Your Name
We need at least two weeks notice before your scheduled testing date.
You must provide us with students' first and last name, mainstream school, district , state, grade level & student ID#.