The Focus Groups will help your school to engage a diverse breadth of voices from among our community to better understand the unique and shared student needs across our Bulgarian community-based schools in the United States and to ensure those needs are being addressed in the way we do our work every day. The formation of these groups affirms the ABSA’s commitment to provide a positive and supportive learning environment, meeting the needs of each and every heritage language learner and school through individualized and innovative supports and services.


Administrative Team

Makes sure that ABSA follows best practices for their internal processes and that their capacity to assist other schools continues to grow. If you are a school representative and need help, please

Technology Leadership Team

The Technology Leadership Team is made up of professionals with technical expertise and a desire to give back to their communities. Members of the Team are passionate about the difference that technology can make in the educational sector and dedicated to finding creative ways to enable schools and students to work more efficiently.

The Technology Team is a great place to network with technical peers to and to use your skills and relationships to help the schools’ communities. We’re always looking for new members with fresh ideas. If you’re a CIO, CTO or other Tech Leader interested in helping us build a thriving community, please


Consulting Services Team

Students Consulting, HR Consulting, Leadership Development, Professional Development Programs, Staff Information & Referral. With the combination of experts and volunteer members, we can work with schools on virtually any issue the organization faces, from board development to strategic planning to fundraising sustainability. For more information which services might best meet your needs, you can submit a

Volunteer Engagement & Management Team

Our team of gifted and dedicated volunteers is the engine that powers many of our services at the Association. The team recruits, selects, and supports those members of the service sectors we offer. To explore joining as a volunteer, please


Financial Services Team

ABSA offers Virtual Financial Services, which is a fantastic resource for small schools that may not have a permanent office or have limited space for an on-site bookkeeper. Tax preparation is also available to schools of all sizes. You can learn more about what our Financial Services can do for your organization by submitting a

Partnerships & Collaborations

We believe in the power of collaboration. Working together with other organizations gets us all further faster. We make better decisions because we have more information and understand the perspectives of our partners. We use resources more carefully because we avoid duplicating what others have already created. To learn more or to become a partner, please


  • Regular meetings attendance.

  • Open minded, willing to hear diverse perspectives, and communicate respectfully.

  • Commitment to both share information with and gather information from different groups within our larger Bulgarian schools community.

  • Willing to do some work outside of the meeting to help achieve our goals.

  • Other expectations will be determined by the team.